Waterfall mixer faucets have been around for some time now but recently there have been a rise in the number of different styles and options available. The best new design we have seen recently is the LED waterfall mixer tap, similar to some of the ones available at the moment but with the addition of LED lights that change colour thus making the water look like it has changed colour.

cool looking waterfall mixer tap

I really like the LED effect, you can change the colour of the light according to your mood, it also will transform any bathroom into a modern and stylish room, just by adding an LED Quality Waterfall Mixer Tap you can add a huge amount of value to your bathroom.

green water led mixer tap

This more modern version really shows how the water appears to change colour, i think this looks really cool, just by adding this tap it really changes the look of the whole bathroom in to a modern and stylish look.

pebble shaped waterfall mixer tap

I like the smooth pebble like shape of this version of tap, notice how the green accent of the water coming from the tap goes really well with the decor in the bathroom, it really brings the whole room together really well.